Our Services

Our Services

We Provide The Best Logistic Services For Your Needs

At our company, we prioritize delivering top-notch logistic services tailored to your specific needs.

Ship Owners

We are an independent company that owns a fleet
of both oil tankers and chemical tankers. Our goal is
to help you find the right tanker for your needs so
that you can transport your products safely and
efficiently. Our ships are some of the most advanced
vessels in their class, with high-tech systems and
modern designs that allow them to be used for any
type of cargo.

Ship Managment

Our ship management services include managing
and arranging supplies, bunkering, fresh water
supply, ship spares and machinery, food provisions
and bond stores for our ships. We ensure that our
ships are well maintained and that they meet all
health and safety standards for your cargo.

Commercial & Chartering

We specialise in commercial chartering of Tankers
for clean and dirty petroleum products, LPG and oil
chemicals products. Our team has a wealth of
experience in the chartering of tankers, which allows
us to provide our clients with a bespoke service that
is tailored to their specific needs. We have a range
of tanker sizes available to meet your specific

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