About Us

About Us

Aslan Shipping LLC.

Aslan Shipping is a ship-owning and management company with a strong-track record of delivering results for our clients. We have a chemical tankers designed to carry different types of sensitive cargo which require a high standard of tank cleaning, such as palm oil, vegetable oil, tallow, caustic soda, clean petroleum products and etc. We understand our client needs depending on their requirements as we’ve build our business on the idea that we can help them deliver the added value by providing more effecient operations and more reliable services.

We are an independent company registered in the United Arab Emirates and our fleet consists of oil/chemical tankers ranging in capacity from 6700DWT to 13000DWT. Our main activities concentrate in Arabian Gulf, Gulf of Oman, Arabian Sea, Gulf of Aden, Red Sea, West Africa, Singapore and Indian waters. 

With our extensive expertise in the field, we not only understand the business side of logistics but also the technicalities. Our strong foundation develops us to establish a good connection with the leading charterers and brokers, cargo owners, financial institutions, as well as the shipyards across the UAE. We work cohesively and are perfectly equipped to tailor to all your needs.

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Our Mantra is “Execution, Execution, Execution”.

We believe in the Safety of people and ships, Transparency towards our customers on financial and operational matters, Asset Protection so our customers can take advantage of enhanced market valuation, and Reliability in performance.